I've learned so much after five years of entrepreneurship, from the business side of it—learning about administration and marketing, finding a style that truly represents me, finding the ideal client, etc—to the more personal aspect of it—finding real work/life balance, practicing self-care, and creating genuine connections with other creatives. My journey as a yoga instructor has also played a big part in the way I run my business and serve my clients.

The creative entrepreneur path is not always the easiest one, but surrounding yourself with the right kind of energy and meaningful support can make a big difference. It's the reason why helping others through personalized guidance for creatives means so much to me!
Whether you need guidance on the very first steps in starting your business or want to dive deeper into creating a healthy routine that will allow you to live the life you want, I'm here to support you and help you grow!

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Meditation is a practice that can bring our senses to a state of ease and relaxation. It can improve our sleep quality and also helps us be more productive. However, oftentimes we think to meditate means to sit still and not think. The good news is that that's not entirely true.

Through this session we'll explore a few ways of meditation that will help you incorporate this practice into your daily routine.

60 min session

60 min session




As I have started to progress from being a yoga teacher of individual classes to someone who leads trainings and is working to develop my own personal brand, Levana has been an invaluable motivating force and advisor to me. From taking photos of me for my website, to providing words of encouragement that have spurred me to put myself out there in new ways, to advising me on the intricacies of establishing and managing a strategic social media presence, Levana has always been there for me and I recommend her to all who would be lucky enough to have her in their lives!

Levana is an incredibly humble person, not only did I learn a ton about photography but overall turned me into a more confident photographer. Levana really took the time to understand me as a person to better help me grow and through out our mentoring session she did not hold anything back from all the question I had including insecurities that she helped me overcome.


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