April 2, 2019

Destination Tuscany

It all started because I was turning 35 years old!!

So my birthday was coming up and I told Chris I wanted to celebrate it somewhere else.

Originally, the plan was to escape to California, but then

an email from Scott’s Cheap flights came in and it was simply meant to be!

I knew I was going to like Italy, because I’m a big pasta fan, and because Europe it’s always mesmerizing to me.

But oh boy, I totally fell in LOVE!

We spent our days wandering around the narrow and full of character streets,

eating pasta for every single meal of the day (ok maybe not for breakfast lol),

and savoring the best gelato in the world!

After a fun day in Rome, we arrived in Firenze (Florence/Florencia).

Here is where this love affair begins 😉

We spent a day walking around Florence.

Taking all it’s beauty in. Being so happy for the sunshine and for being here together!

Of course we did all the touristy things.

Our favorites were walking around Ponte Veccio, and sitting under the sun at Piazzale Michelangelo.

From where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city!

On our second day in Tuscany we rented a tiny car,

although Chris was disappointed it was not tinier lol, and went onto adventure!


Yes, I wanted to visit Cortona because it’s where the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” was filmed. And yes, I love that movie!!

Cortona is a very small town, and it was not tourist season, so we pretty much had it to ourselves!

Which was great, but also not great as there were not too many places to eat that were open, and needless to say, we were hungry ha!

Luckily, we found la trattoria Croce del Travaglio open, which seemed to be the place where the “carabineri” (police) eats for lunch.

And with my very limited Italian we ordered ourselves some food and “vino de la casa” 😉

In Tuscany, the local pasta is “Pici”. A very thick noodle (so delicious!!) and it’s served in various ways. In cortona, I tried it with a tomato and cream sauce, yum!


After the food coma we continue our adventure.

And we arrived to Montepulciano!

In this little town there are a few options for the wine lovers, like us 😉

We visited the Contucci wine cellar, and had such a good time!

Their famous (not related to the Contucci family) character “Adamo” was there and we had a good laugh together as he shared a story of when he visited Panama 🙂

The sun was out, views were incredible, and wine was good…

We were having a wonderful day!


Our first day adventure ended in Pienza.

A charming town where we watched the sun go down, enjoyed a perfect cup of coffee, and learned about local cheese.

When we got to Pienza we didn’t have change for parking so I went into a cheese store and ask if they could give me some change.

They were so nice that after our little tour through the town, we came back to the store and and spent some time chatting about cheese 😀

Of course we bought some, along with bread and crackers.

We headed back to our hostel, and the cheese paired with the wine from the wine cellar made a lovely dinner!

Nope, our adventure in Tuscany didn’t end here.

We visited three more towns in the region, and they’ll be up on the blog next week 😉

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