This was a unique and definitely fun portrait session!

Leah was our Collective Giveaway winner and we were as excited as she was for this day 🙂

The session took place at the beautiful and cozy Sapphire & Lace Cottage, I’m telling you this is one of my favorite places to step in.

The cottage is full of light, and let’s say Bethany and Julie could do interior design, this place is the cutest!

They also created a beautiful and delicate flower crown for Leah to wear for the session, it was perfection!

But wait, there was more!

This giveaway also included a handwritten poem from Oh Joyful Day. Victoria did her magic by beautifully putting into paper the inspiring words of Denise Frohman.

And last, but definitely not least, the talented Candice, from Candice Cortes Beauty, was the author behind Leah’s gorgeous makeup!

While having a great team to work with, the big credit goes to the happy winner, Leah was all smiles and fun stories and we were so happy to share such a fun morning with her!

makeup for portrait session pittsburgh-portrait-session portrait-session-pittsburgh

Doing this collective giveaway was a lot of fun, we couldn’t be more grateful for all the support we received, and I’m sure there will be others in the future 😉


honest. pure. blissful.