Darling and I met a few years ago while working together, she is happiness impersonated so when she asked me to do hers and Andrew’s engagement photos I knew it was going to be a spring engagement session full of smiles!

These two truly complement each other, they were always finding each other’s eyes and, of course, making each other laugh!

We started at the Smithfield St bridge, and despite the windy weather we had that day, Darling and Andrew rocked the whole time, I mean just look at them!

Due to the rain (from previous days) our second location had to change, but never mad about going to Mellon Park, especially when it includes setting up a picnic.

Yes, a picnic that included strawberries, cheese, and champagne! How fun is that?!

We couldn’t end the session without a little salsa dancing, this guys are going to kill it with the first dance on their wedding day!

spring engagement session pittsburgh

spring engagement session in pittsburgh

pittsburgh spring engagement

Darling and Andrew, I am so grateful for friends like you and I wish you all the best in this new chapter of your life!


Big hug,

honest. pure. blissful.