April 12, 2018



You have been waiting for this day for months, maybe even for a whole year, and it is finally here!

If you’re like me, you’ll be up with eyes wide open very early in the morning, there are so many feelings going on. You’re happy, excited, nervous, anxious, and all that is OK because this is (for most of brides) the first time you have a wedding day and there are no rules on what to feel and how to respond to all of those emotions.

I’m all about enjoying every step of the way towards the aisle, and the bigger steps are the ones we take on the wedding day, so here a few tips of what to do to stay relaxed and happy while you wait for the big moment:

– Rise & shine! whenever you wake up, take a few moments to stay in bed. Take a few deep breaths, notice where your mind is going and try to focus on your inhales and exhales. Then, smile 🙂 You’re about to have a great day!

– If you like to workout, go for it! Of course, don’t go to a super extreme class that you have never tried before, you don’t want to have any brand new bruises or injuries, but you can surely take a gentle yoga class, or go for a walk or run, just be mindful and take it easy, for example I decided to do a short sequence of yoga at home and took a nice and long savasana.

– Have a good breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of our day (like for real, and not only on your wedding day). You never know what the rest of your day is going to be like and you don’t want to feel hungry or weak, you need all your energy to fully enjoy every hour of this day.

– Take a nice shower with warm water, it will help you relax and you’ll feel refreshed.

– Wear a button shirt to get ready! That way you can get you hair and makeup done and then just unbutton the shirt to change into your bridal robe or dress. Also, if you’re wearing a strapless dress try to avoid wearing a bra with straps, that way you won’t have marks on your skin.

– Take time for yourself! If throughout the day you start to feel overwhelmed, just ask for a few minutes alone, take deep breaths as you remind yourself what is really important on this day (love, family, happiness…).

– Let go! The truth is you can not control everything, so accept help from others and trust that everything is going to be perfect, because no matter what happens everything will be perfect. I love to say that whatever goes “wrong” becomes a great story, like my husband forgetting his shoes (unintentionally he says, lol) and wearing chucks instead 😛

– Be happy and kind, smile a lot, it’s a good way to feel good and, a smiling bride makes a whole lot of people happy!


This is the first day of a new chapter, start it right by being mindful about what’s really important; being kind with yourself and others; feeling in love, and spreading happiness!

Wishing you the best and happiest wedding day,




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